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Epic Records Internship: Halfway Mark

posted by Paige Benjamin

Be_Epic-1.jpgIt makes me sad to think I only have a few weeks left at my Epic Records summer internship. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to work in digital marketing for a company that I am passionate about, plus the internship as a whole has been great for helping me understand what kind of a career I want to pursue once I graduate. What excites me the most about this job is how I would get to work with artists to better their image across all of their social media platforms. A few of my assignments from this week include creating Tumblr accounts for some of the new artists and researching AirBnb venues in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for a new artist’s listening event.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, this is my second internship with Epic Records. During my first internship I worked at the New York office, and for my second internship I’m spending the summer working in the Los Angeles office. Even though I already know some of the people I am working with from my previous internship in New York, it’s always a great idea to continue networking to make more connections.

Networking is my favorite part about interning because you can never have too many connections in the industry. You never know how knowing someone can lead you to the next step of your career. More often than not the employees are happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t be afraid to ask how something works no matter how stupid you think the question may be. Everyone I worked with was willing to take the time to teach me about their role in the company and how their department works with the other teams to make the record label successful. Starting conversations with each employee and discovering more about their position helped me to learn more about different departments within the company such as A&R, digital marketing, publicity and now I am more knowledgeable about the entire business. I plan to keep in contact with everyone I have connected with after my internship ends by staying connected on social media and reaching out by email to ask for advice or recommendations.

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