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Epic Records Internship: Take 2

posted by Paige Benjamin

 This past fall, I interned in the Marketing department at Epic Records in New York City. I got to work closely with the Head of Marketing, and I really learned that I would like to work in the music industry.. I had such a great experience with Epic Records that I decided to move to Los Angeles for the summer semester to intern in the Digital Marketing Department at Epic for more experience. 

IMG_6748.jpgI get to work with coworkers who are my friends, in a department that I’ve always been passionate about. I have always said that my ideal job would be working with social media in an entertainment company, but I had never had the chance to explore this until this semester at Epic.     


I have only been out in LA at Epic for a little under a month, but it’s been one of the best internships I’ve had so far. I’ve gotten to work closely with artists, scheduling fan listening parties for unreleased albums, getting to control different social media platforms for different artists, and sit in on the marketing meetings and brainstorms for various artists.

IMG_8031.jpgI can’t begin to explain how amazing it is to be interning at a company where your supervisors take you seriously and listen to the ideas that you have. It makes it a lot less nerve-wracking to speak up when the corporate culture is so laid back. Everyone dresses casually, emails casually, and speaks casually. I think that the culture is so laid back because everyone in the office is friends. Even the head of departments are super down to earth and helpful, no matter if you are the head of another department or just an assistant or intern. This corporate culture is what I prefer working in, so it would be great if I could get a job at this company once I graduate.

This is only month one, and I know it’s just going to get better the rest of the semester!

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