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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Our New Fashion Media Major

posted by John Deming, Media Professor and Writing Center Director

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Did you know LIM has just launched a Fashion Media major this fall? If you’re an undergrad who loves media, you’re going to LOVE this.

Here's everything you need to know about this awesome new program.

When does the Fashion Media major start?
This fall: 2017.

Why did LIM decide to create this major?
There’s a lot of interest in having a slightly more creative major. Something that’s still part of the business-of-fashion idea, but something more hands-on. When you think about the fashion business, media is really everything. Every single kind of media you can imagine, fashion is a crucial component of it.

And the way the world is changing, from a technology standpoint, there’s a lot of jobs in it now. Plus, we have faculty equipped to teach this stuff and students who are interested.

What will Fashion Media majors study?
Basically all components of fashion publishing. So journalism, media theory, graphic design, how to do fashion editorial spreads, things like that. You learn about mass media, you learn content creation, you learn video production and editing. And you learn journalism skills: how to write, report, take pictures, how to cover an event, do the layout, how to do things online.

There’s also a marketing component to this degree, which is a big part of it. There’s a nice blend of the practical and the theoretical. You'll also learn media theory, so you can think critically about a media message before putting it out into the world.

What kinds of jobs will Fashion Media majors get after graduation?
Creative directors, maybe fashion editors. Fashion journalists, social media managers or coordinators would certainly be something. We have a lot of people who’ve been working on the magazines who’ve been getting their internships at a variety of fashion publications, so ideally it’ll be working in journalism either from the marketing arm or the editorial arm. There’s also the idea that you could do styling: layout, photo editing, that kinda stuff.

The cliche you see these days is that students are expected to be one-person media machines. You don’t just have to be able to write the post. You have to be able to build the blog post and add links, add video, add photos, post it to social media. All of it.

We’re sending you out there potentially to be editor-in-chief because you'll have foundational knowledge in everything that goes on in the production.

So students can learn all these modern media skills but also learn the theory and the liberal arts behind it. And the major is directly tied into the magazine we’re already publishing. Students are going to be graduating not just with new abilities but with evidence of those abilities.

Sound exciting? Think you might want to be a Fashion Media major? Click below! 


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