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Fashionably Late: A Student’s Experience Commuting to LIM

posted by Brielle Moray


Before I started college, I made the decision to commute. To get to LIM, I take the Long Island Railroad from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station. From Penn Station I take the subway or walk to the college. My train ride takes about an hour and a half. Altogether, from my door to LIM’s door is around two hours of traveling.

I always knew that commuting on the Long Island Railroad would have some disadvantages. One time, a train ahead of mine hit a pedestrian. My train took three hours to get to Penn Station that day. All the passengers around me were yelling and were frustrated. I was upset by the event and the turmoil that it had caused.  

Other delays that I have witnessed are signal problems and inclement weather. It’s definitely stressful to be late for class. The delays on the train are out of anyone’s control. To combat this issue, it helps to always take the earlier train, even if you have excess time. It’s better to be fashionably early than late, right?

Commuting to college can be problematic. Your amount of sleep is diminished drastically. You need to give yourself more time in the day to account for travel time. For an 8 am class, I wake up at 4 am. I have accustomed myself to this time frame by going to sleep earlier. I also visit Starbucks frequently for that extra boost of energy!

I have discovered numerous ways to utilize my time spent commuting. I typically will do homework and study. I get more tasks done because I am less distracted. The train ride goes by faster If I am busy, and my work is done sooner.


Ronkokoma.jpgIt is hard to condense a full-time student schedule into two days, like I have done. I get this accomplished by taking a few online classes. I can do discussion boards and assignments right from my phone or laptop. Online classes are convenient for all college students. I highly recommend trying at least one during your time in college.

I don’t regret my decision to commute to college. Commuting can be stressful, however, you can develop better time management skills. I have grown more independent and mature over the past few years since I started commuting. Always use your time and resources to your advantage, and you will excel in college and in your future endeavors!

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