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Five Great Apps College Students in NYC Can’t Live Without

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by Amira Clement

As a college student in NYC who basically runs my life on apps, I thought I would share the five best apps that we college students cannot live without.

Uber-1.jpg1. Uber

We all know that sometimes making that trip from townhouse to Maxwell (in the winter) can be unbearable. Especially when you only have about 15 minutes to get there. That’s where Uber comes in. I also love to use Uber for late nights in the city when you don’t feel like taking the subway at three am. Let’s be honest, Uber is the new yellow taxi.

 2. Blackboard

This one has to be my all-time life saver when it comes to blackboard deadlines. Most of the time I’m not near my computer so I’ll have to make that discussion board post from my phone. Being that most college student use blackboard, I think we can all agree this app is definitely helpful.

Yelp.jpg 3. Yelp

Yelp is literally my go to app for anytime I want to find something to eat in the city. I love scrolling through Yelp searching for new and fun restaurants that I can bookmark and go to with my girlfriends. If you saw my bookmark list, you would think I’ve been to just about every restaurant in the city (I’m getting there). Yelp gets an A+ in my Venmo.jpggradebook.

4. Venmo

Venmo is another life saver app that is probably the most vital for college students. Most of the time we are broke and no matter what bank you have, your parents, friends, etc., can send you any amount of money in an instant! Enough said. This app is amazing!

5. Seamless

Seamless and Grub hub go hand in hand in my opinion. Whether your sitting in your office, apartment or dorm room on that cold wintery day or rainy night, Seamless to the rescue! Who doesn’t love on-demand delivery Chinese food (or any kind of food.) I know I do.

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