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Five Tips to Make the Most Out of Career Day

posted by Stacie Mitchell

LIM’s Career Day is tomorrow! Are you ready to network and get that job or internship?

I know, I know.  Everyone hates to network and interview, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! If you really want to impress employers, come prepared by following these five tips:

  1. First, if you haven’t already had your resume looked at by your Career Advisor, make sure that the formatting matches the required LIM College resume templates. While you may think your resume is perfect as it is, employers are resume ninjas – they can spot even the smallest mistakes. You can find the templates as well as detailed instructions on how to adapt your resume to fit them in the EECM Blackboard shell.


  2. Research the companies that are coming to Career Day and their positions in Symplicity.  But don’t just stop at Symplicity, look at the company’s corporate website.  Choose the companies you are interested in talking to and make a plan for the day of the fair.  Come prepared to talk about what the company does:  what are they known for, what’s their latest news?  Just being knowledgeable sets you far above the students who didn’t do their research.

  3. Plan your outfit early.  You’re attending a college with a focus on BUSINESS in FASHION.  Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t forget the business part! Career Day is your chance to impress employers with your professionalism, not with your love of babydoll dresses or fancy sneakers.  Dress in your most conservative, professional look.  Read this helpful FindSpark article for more tips and ideas. 
  1. Prepare your personal pitch and practice basic interview questions.  You should be able to easily answer “Tell me about yourself.”  You’re talking about yourself after all – you should be an expert! Be ready to talk about what positions you are interested in and what you have to offer the company.
  1. Relax! You did your best to prepare.  Now it’s time to put that preparation into action and shine!




Stacie Mitchell, former Career Advisor

Topics: Student Advice, Career Services