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Following the Dress Code at Work and During Internships

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by Ariel Feld

Did you ever have an internship or job where you had to stick to a fairly rigid dress code? I experienced my first time adhering to a strict dress code this past summer when I worked at a high-end retail store.

I was only allowed to wear three colors, my skirt or dress had to reach my knees, I couldn’t wear shirts with collars, and the list went on and on. I had a very difficult time with this at first, and I had to plan my outfits out the night before work to make sure they were appropriate.

I also had to go shopping to buy some new things, because a lot of the things in my wardrobe could not be worn at work. It wasn’t fun spending money on clothes I would probably only wear to work, but I knew I could use these items for future jobs.

Since we all love fashion, and most of us work in retail, I’m sure we have all experienced some trouble with a dress code. Here are a few tips to help make dressing a little easier.

  • Ask in the interview what the dress code is like. This way you can go through your wardrobe and see if you will need to go shopping.
  • On your first day at the new job or internship, dress a little more conservatively. I like to do this so I can feel out the vibe and see what others are wearing to know what I can and cannot wear.
  • If you do have to go shopping for new clothes, buy separates that you can mix and match with other pieces. For my job this summer, I bought some sweaters that could be paired with pants or skirts.
  • If your dress code is more conservative, see what accessories and makeup is allowed. That is always a simple way to make your outfit more fun and fashionable.
  • If in doubt, always ask! Take a picture of something you’re unsure about and show it to your boss for a yes or no.

Dress codes for work tend to be stricter than dress codes at internships. For this reason, make sure to follow the dress code to the best of your ability for work, and have a little more fun with it for your internship! We are fashion students after all.

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