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Get involved: Volunteer opportunities and professional organizations

posted by Sarah Lynch

Throughout your time at LIM College you will hear about the importance of networking. At first you may not understand how much networking can help you, but having to secure three internships followed by a full time job will give you a good idea of how vital it is. Getting involved in the industry from the start will not only help boost your resume but will also enhance your personal network.

Volunteering is a great way to get your feet wet. Throughout New York Fashion Week and beyond there are tons of opportunities to help out top designers with various responsibilities, whether that be one day of volunteering or helping a stylist out from time to time throughout the duration of your college career. The Department of EECM posts volunteer opportunities to Symplicity year-round; log in to your account and click "Volunteer Opportunities" under the "Events" tab to see what is currently available.


Once you get involved and decide which area of the fashion industry is right for you, being connected to designated professional organizations will really help launch your career. There are big name professional organizations such as FGI (Fashion Group International) but also smaller ones as well. Know yourself and be aware of which organization would be the best for you. A simple search online for “[field] professional organizations” will turn up many options. Making an appointment with your Career Advisor to discuss the possibilities is also a good idea.

Joining professional organizations will allow you to meet countless people with whom you share common interests which will help you begin conversations about yourself and your career aspirations. It will also help you to be a more established professional and be seen as someone doing everything they can to immerse themselves in the industry. Networking and sending a follow-up note through LinkedIn will ensure that you don’t lose contact with the person, just in case you happen to misplace that business card or they leave their current company for another. Did you know that all LIM students can get free business cards through the EECM office? Be sure to make use of resources like this to increase your marketability and professionalism.

By pursuing volunteer opportunities and joining professional organizations related to your field of interest, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities and connections. Get involved!

By Sarah Lynch, Career Advisor

Topics: fashion internships, Career Services

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