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Getting a Great Reference or Letter of Recommendation

posted by Taryn Garshofsky


There are many ways to ask past supervisors for a reference or a letter of recommendation. Here are some tips!

  • Make sure you ask your direct supervisor. This is someone that has worked directly with you and can speak about what your skills and talents are.
  • Get up to three references. Once a potential employer is in the process of checking your references, having three can set you apart from other candidates.
  • Call to set up a meeting with your supervisor to ask for a reference. Never do this through email. Ask your supervisor if they feel that they know enough about you to serve as a reference or to write a letter of recommendation about your work.
  • If your supervisor agrees to act as a reference or write you a letter of recommendation don't forget to send a personalized thank-you note.

It is possible to ask your supervisor for a recommendation through LinkedIn as well. While getting a tangible letter of recommendation is suited more for a portfolio, some students find that getting a recommendation on LinkedIn attracts employers’ attention and can increase their chance of getting hired for an internship or job.

Students are encouraged to get as many LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements as possible. This is a new way to get a letter of recommendation because it can be seen by anyone you are connected to on LinkedIn. In addition, don't forget to give recommendations to others on LinkedIn! They also appear on your page and can be a way to display your professionalism and writing skills, but be sure to keep them brief (one to two short paragraphs), specific, and error-free.

By following these guidelines you'll be prepared whenever you need to provide evidence of your skills and work ethic!


By Taryn Garshofsky, Career Advisor

Topics: Student Advice, Career Services

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