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Getting Ready for the Semester

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by Mikayla Bunker

Calendar_2015_2016_1I can remember back to when I was going into my freshman year at LIM and I can tell you I was nervous. I was worried about the classes I was taking, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to be stylish enough for the school. I spent most of the summer trying to find the most versatile, and chic pieces of clothing.

I can honestly say after “surviving” my first years at LIM, there’s nothing to worry about. Still, I do have some advice.

Here are four cardinal rules that I would suggest that you live by:

1. Don’t worry about fitting in.

Be true to you and your aesthetic, and I promise you that you’ll find an amazing group of friends.

I was concerned, coming into LIM that I was going to need to have a new wardrobe every season and make sure that I was dressing in the trendiest clothing. However, I, along with 99% of the other student body wear what we feel most comfortable in whether it be four inch heels and a dress or leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. More people will respect you if you’re true to yourself rather than trying just to fit in.

2. Whether living at the Residence Hall or in an apartment in the city, leave at least 45 minutes before your class.

I will be the first to admit, being late is never an option for me. I hate walking in late and interrupting the whole class. If you’re like me, coming from a smallish town without subways, the MTA can be a daunting mode of transportation. In my experience the subway is never running on time. Leave early so you can run to a coffee shop or grab something quick to eat before class!

welcometolim3. Search around for the best prices on textbooks.

For my first semester I rented all of my books at the bookstore and I think I spent upwards of $400 on them. If you’re in a pinch or if the book isn’t sold on another site I say go for it, but in any other case I think you should look into Amazon or Chegg.

In my experience, I didn’t have to bring many of my books back and forth to school so I didn’t find it necessary to have a tablet to have all of my books on. But, many people that I know told me that it is sometimes easier to have your books on a tablet of some sort, especially if you have a break in between classes.

4. Stay organized!

The best time to start your organization is in the beginning when classes are just starting up and there’s less to do. I personally like to have all different color pens and highlighters and “assign” each color to a subject. I think you should find what works for you and stick with it.

It’s really important to write things down because even though college is similar to high school, the due dates for assignments are weeks out and you don’t want to be writing an eight page paper the night before it's due because you forgot about it.

I hope that these tips help to alleviate some pre-college jitters and give you some ideas on last minute purchases. :-)  See you all around campus!

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