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Greetings Readers,

posted by Linh Tang

My name is Linh Tang, some of my friends call me Dylan. I am one of LIM’s newest blogger. I am an international student from Vietnam. I am currently a sophomore at LIM College studying Visual Merchandising.bridesmaids.jpg

art.jpgI currently interning at the retail store, The Wedding Library. At school I participate in the visual club and LIM’s LEAP program.

Two things that give me the most confidence is my art skills and my sense of humor. I don’t have a specific career in mind, but I’d like to work for a design team that does runway shows and fashion campaigns. I could also see myself working in the event planning industry.

Besides fashion and art, I enjoy learning about psychology and am interested in analyzing and evaluating people’s emotion and psyche through interaction and observation of social trends.comedy-1.jpg

I’m pleased to meet you all. Don’t hesitate to contact me about anything, whether you have questions or requests, I will try my best to respond to them.



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