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Halloween in a Pandemic: Five COVID-19 Friendly Costumes

posted by Emily White

Putting on a Halloween costume is just like putting on a mask; you pretend to be something or someone you are not. However, this Halloween you have to wear both. The thought of not being able to have a traditional Halloween can be discouraging. Here are five COVID-19 friendly costumes to lift your spirits this spooky season:




Cowboys and Cowgirls:

Cowboys have been a trending costume the past two years. An adorable way to incorporate a face covering into this costume is to add a bandana! You can tie a bandana around your face, ensuring that it covers your nose and mouth. Not only will this keep you safe, it adds a great accessory to the look. Now, throw on some cowboy boots, a flannel, a skirt or your favorite jeans and you are all set. Yeehaw!


If I were COVID-19, I wouldn’t want to mess with a Ninja. Even before the pandemic, Ninja costumes were often worn with a mask! For this costume, you can wear a little black dress or a black tank top with a black pair of jeans. To add some details, you can order a red dragon Ninja belt off Amazon for an affordable addition. Also, add a sword, thigh high or combat boots, a black or red facemask, and you’re ready to take on Halloween.




Skeletons are a traditional Halloween costume that we often see with amazing face makeup. However, COVID might have saved those who aren’t beauty gurus, very much like myself. Now, being a skeleton is easier than in the past. You can order a skeleton teeth face mask on websites such as Etsy. Not only is this supporting small business, it makes for an adorable costume. Once you have the mask, throw on an all black outfit, some white accessories, and this simple spooky costume is complete.

The Purge:

The Purge has been another very popular costume the last few years. Once again, this costume already requires a mask! COVID definitely isn’t safe during the annual purge. You can purchase one of these iconic masks off Amazon or at any of your local costume stores. Then, you will need an oversized white button down shirt, a weapon of choice, fake blood, and you’ll look killer in this costume!




Cow print has been trending everywhere! It is seen on wallpaper, clothing, shoes, and accessories; so, why can’t it be on a mask? This is such an easy and adorable costume for this year. I have seen cow print facemasks everywhere; mainly in the Chick-fil-A drive through, but I hope we can all relate to that. You can definitely find one either online or at local clothing stores. Then, you can incorporate some more cow print into your outfit with a skirt, jeans, top, or accessories; or like me, you can do all of the above!

These are just five costume ideas that are COVID friendly, however, you can add a mask to any costume you desire! This Halloween calls for a lot of creativity and innovation when it comes to costumes. Ultimately, the health and safety of you and everyone around you is the top priority this year. So, if you are not comfortable wearing a mask with your costume, then I encourage you to stay home and watch some spooky movies! However, if you are dying to get into the Halloween spirit, I hope these five costume ideas will inspire you this year.

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Emily White is a Freshman studying Fashion Media at LIM College. She is the Assistant Lifestyle Editor of The Lexington Line Magazine and a member of the LIM Blog Club.

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