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How I Became a Lexington Line Editor as a Freshman

posted by Kally Compton

In high school, I never thought I would be a writer and aspiring journalist. Every year in English class I would get by, but I was never a star student. In fact, sometimes, I struggled. The summer before my senior year I went to LIM for the summer fashion lab to take a course in fashion media. Through this credited course, I experienced a side of fashion I had never known and explored writing. The Lexington Line magazine was also introduced to me in the course by faculty advisor John Deming. He told me he loved my work and passion for making things happen and that if I came to LIM, I should be a part of the magazine.

Before even stepping foot on LIM’s campus for my freshman year, I bombarded John with emails to set up an interview for a position in the magazine. Sure enough, I got a fantastic position as an assistant fashion editor. As I wrote more and more about mainly fashion and lifestyle, I found that I loved doing it and people liked my writing. Working on the Lex Line (as we like to call it) was endearing and exciting. I learned so much about myself as a writer and made great connections with other LIM students and faculty. By the end of my first semester at LIM, I knew I wanted to do more with the magazine to challenge myself and try something new.

With each semester new positions open up, and at the beginning of last semester, the culture editor position was wide open. I remember stepping into John’s office nervous as the faces of the upperclassmen editors looked up at me in the door. I said I wanted the culture position, and I sighed with relief when they smiled and excitedly accepted my offer. Dani Brand, a rising senior has been nothing but a light in the darkness through my writing journey. She helped me with everything I needed whether it be editing an article or trouble with the magazine’s website.

Being an editor is a huge commitment but one I faced with ease thanks to Dani and the rest of the Lex Line team. I learned how to communicate with others by editing their articles. My voice as a journalist was challenged as I wrote about tough topics like Kobe Bryant and the sustainable movement. It taught me how to see situations differently and convey all perspectives or controversial concepts of a story. I was even able to craft an article from a draft in my notes into a tangible page of the 2020 spring Lexington Line print issue. Working on the Lexington Line as the culture editor has been an amazing experience and is a huge accomplishment for me. I can’t wait to continue my journey as the culture editor for fall 2020! 

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kallyAbout the Author

Kally Compton is a Freshman at LIM. In addition to being on the President's List, she works on The Lexington Line, as culture editor and assistant stylist. She is studying Fashion Media and minoring in Society & Culture. She is also a content writer for the LIM News & Events page.

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