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How I got my start in New York Fashion Week

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by Amira Clement

fashion_gown.jpgBefore transferring to LIM College, I had already completed a few previous fashion PR internships. The very first being at MAO Public Relations. This internship was thus far my favorite, as it was fast-paced and well worth it. 

Just like any other student I began looking for internships online on sites such as,,,, and My personal favorite being because they are the most responsive. I came across a post about interning at Mao PR for the summer and it would include lots of help with New York Fashion Week so obviously I applied.

Just two days later I got an email and went in for an interview and landed the internship! It was a very hectic time coming into my first internship right at the peak of Fashion Week, but I learned so much and had fun while doing it.

I was able to do things like RSVP check-ins, sample trafficking, seating charts, press releases, etc. (These are general publicist duties.)

Once New York Fashion Week hit it was surreal. I met so many people and experienced so much and of course was a little overwhelmed.

Fast forward five internships later and I got to come back to Mao PR every six months for Fashion Week and each time it's always different. After doing NYFW a total of four times it gets crazier and even more interesting.

When prepping for a 15-minute Fashion Show, a lot of work goes into the hours prior to the event. Things like, stuffing gift bags, front of house check-in, backstage and press check-in, seating chart, seating, and then finally enjoying the show. 

Interning in PR and Fashion Week is the best experience you could ask for if you are looking to enter the business side of the fashion industry. Always keeping a positive attitude, showing up everywhere on time, and seeing the tasks through will take you far in interning. 

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