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How to Get Yourself Ready for Midterms

posted by Aryelle Santos


Fall is in full swing! The chilly weather calls for that new jacket you’ve been dying to wear, pumpkins are making their appearance in every window display, and we are now anticipating the start of the holiday season. But before you take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte we need to acknowledge the bigger change in the semester, midterms!

I know, midterms are the last thing you want to hear when we are in the midst of such a beautiful season change, but if you can sacrifice a few minutes away from Central Park and save your money towards all things pumpkin flavored for when you absolutely need it (and trust, me you will) then listen up to these lifesaving tips that have personally helped me through all my test, essays, and projects, especially during midterms!

Take advantage of the amenities LIM College provides!  

Use the Math and Writing Center! A great way to get relief from test anxiety is to be confident. Going to the Math Center to brush up on a few practice problems before a big test will give you the confidence boost you need to tackle even the most trickiest questions!

Test.jpgAlso, I always like using the Writing Center during the start of my essay to brainstorm and outline my paper and towards the end of my essays for review and adding the finishing touches.

Have problems finding your sources? Go to the Library! Whenever I have an assignment where I need to use LIM’s database, one of the first things I do is go to the Library and talk to a librarian. Every time I go to the speak to one of the librarians to find resources, they are already familiar with the project I am working on! They are always so helpful and I never had to meet with them longer than 15 minutes to find all my sources!

Don’t have time to stop by the library? Use their online chat! Using this online chat is a convenient way for students to get the help they need without having stop by Maxwell!

Whether it is a written assignment or a major test, using these resources will help you combat anything midterms throw at you! Setting time aside to specifically work on your math or english assignments will help you stay focus and manage your time efficiently!

Check out LIM's Math and Writing Centers and the Adrian G. Marcuse Library!


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