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How to Save Money While Attending LIM College

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by Caitlyn Longo

We all know college is not cheap, and saving money is hard. Good news! There are easy tips and tricks to help you save money.

LIM is a fashion business school and looking good while attending school is a must. Temptation teases us as Fifth Avenue is our hallway, and is home to top high-end and mainstream fashion retailers. 

Instead of going shopping on your breaks, window shopping is free and you can get an idea of what you want/desire for the future. You can save your money for when holiday sales come around. That’s when you should spend your money (wisely).

If you can’t resist shopping during your breaks, make sure you go to stores that offer student discounts.

  • Tip: Topshop offers a 10% discount when you show your student ID.

Transportation is another cost for students at LIM, as our school is mostly commuting students, and this can be expensive.

  • Tip: NJ Transit offers a student discount pass saving you 25% for a monthly student pass. Look into student discounts for other modes of transportation as well. We might as well take advantage of it!

Textbooks are another necessity that is costly. We all know the drill, waiting in line for what seems like an endless amount of time to pay for textbooks we might never use.

  •  Tip: First, try asking a friend if they have the textbook you need. Then, see if you can borrow it for the semester. This way you don’t have to pay at all. If you can’t borrow the book from a friend, there are renting options available at the LIM Bookstore for a cheaper price. Amazon also rents used textbooks for a ridiculously low price. If you do end up buying textbooks, you can resell the books to other students next semester. This way, you’re helping yourself while also making some money back and you're also helping another student save money too!

Food is another expensive necessity for students, but here are ways to save money. Instead of buying lunch everyday you can make your own lunch. There are microwaves to heat food up in all buildings.

  • Tip: Look for places that offer student discounts. Europa Café, which has stores close to the Townhouse and the Fifth Avenue building, has a discount just for students. You just have to ask.

Caffeine is costly as well and can run you up to $500 a semester. Instead brew your coffee in the morning to save yourself the headache. Also, tip jars are your worst enemy. Sure on the jar it says “Help My College Fund,” but you’re broke too. Save your change for a rainy day!

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