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Inside the Mind of an International Fashion Student

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LIM College isn't my first education experience in the U.S. Prior to coming here, I went to a boarding high school for 4 years, so by the time I started college I was quite used to the lifestyle of studying abroad.

When you come to New York City to study fashion, the most important thing to do or bring is your independent mindset. I completely understand the feeling of missing your home, family and closest friends, but you have made the decision to pursue a better education and gain an understanding of the fashion industry, which I hope you are very passionate about, because that will make the transition easier.

You might not be able to see this when you are boarding the flight to New York City, but you are indeed about to explore a whole new chapter of your life. There are new friends waiting to be made, places to explore, and even fashion shows for you to participate in.

NYC building top

One thing I did when I first came to the U.S. to study fashion is that I tried not to have pictures of my loved ones around my place. I just don't think it’s very helpful to always have images reminding you how far away your loved ones are when you are learning to be independent in New York City.

Of course I still miss my family and home, but I have become quite detached towards those feelings. It’s for the best so I can focus 100% on school, my internship and my new city life.

I always know that I will be home in no time and the semester will fly by quickly. And yes, I have found an internship this semester, details to follow...

Until next time…XOXO


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