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Lexington Line Releases A/W Issue with Reflection and Self-Care Themes

posted by Ariel Moise Kleinman

Moise Kleinman Ariel--Lexington Line Launch Photo #1-page-001The staff behind LIM’s student-run Lexington Line magazine celebrated the release of its Autumn / Winter 2018 issue last week at Kiehl’s on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The event had a large turnout of LIM students, staff, family, and friends, eager to read the first press of the publication.

The first 100 visitors were greeted at the door with a gift bag of samples from Kiehl’s and snacks from Undercover Quinoa—two of the magazine’s sponsoring companies—among other goodies. In keeping with the theme of self-care of body and mind, guests were encouraged to tour and test Kiehl's’ products and mingle one-on-one with skincare consultants.

In articles like “Wholesome Revival,” written by Managing Editor Morgan Boerum, holistic health is described as a journey of self-reflection. Boerum suggests that coming to terms with one’s shortcomings and failures is as much a part of the healing process as some believe crystals and incense are; but, balancing the mind and body is more than an “Instagram aesthetic.”

Readers are warned against giving in to Instagram trends in Ella Spencer and Ryan Mcdevitt’s “Evian is Naive.” Here, readers are introduced to the concept of luxury water, which social media influencers promote as an exercise of “clout”—but in the end, water is water, and toting a shiny bottle won’t provide much aside from self-glorification. Being aware of duplicities is a means to protect yourself. (And your bank account!)

Copies of the Lexington Line’s Autumn/Winter 2018 issue are available in the Writing Center in Maxwell Hall, with more student authors published regularly on

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Ariel Moise Kleinman is a transfer student who is currently in her junior year at LIM College. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Fashion Merchandising.

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