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Lexington Line Holds Virtual Launch Party

posted by Tessa Aldridge

On Thursday April 30, LIM’s community came together virtually to celebrate The Lexington Line’s “Lost Issue.”


Editor in Chief, Erica Fouts, said the magazine’s staff decided to call its Spring 2020 edition “The Lost Issue,” partially because of the directional change it took once COVID-19 hit:

 “Last year, our Fashion Director, Victoria Montalti, and our Creative Director, Claire Charlton, decided that they wanted to create a fashion shoot that riffed off the 1920s, since we would be reentering the ‘20s in the new year. With that concept in mind, we figured this issue would be celebration-themed. Then COVID-19 hit ... So, like everyone else in the world, we had to pivot a little bit. “The Lost Issue” name is two-fold: On one hand, it was inspired by how we had to get inventive in terms of finishing the magazine, circulating it, and hosting a launch party amid social distancing; on the other hand, there is a Gertrude Stein quote at the beginning of The Sun Also Rises that reads: “You are all a lost generation.” As writers coping with everything going on in the world at the moment, that quote really resonated with us. Plus, the book was published in 1926, so it was very much in-line with our ‘20s shoot.”

The night began with a “Meet the Editors” video. We got to see and hear from the Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, Editorial Director, Creative Director, Fashion Editor, and the two faculty advisors. It was a great way to start things off. Dani Brand, the Editorial Director, also included a “Drinks with Dave and Dani” segment after her introduction and thank yous. She and her father, Dave, created mocktails for the evening.

Since you obviously need food to go with your drink, next we heard from Professor Sgambati on how he is spending his time at home making pasta from scratch. If anyone’s into a “pasta bake sale” next semester, definitely leave a comment down below. It was a fun touch to the evening to get to check-in on his pasta status throughout the night.


Following the pasta intro, we heard from all the editors who wrote an article (including myself—it’s on page 18, if you want to check it out). Each editor spoke for about thirty seconds about the title, premise, and why they chose to write it. It was a short, sweet synopsis that left us eager to read each piece.

Along with hearing about the articles, we got to hear about the photo shoot. Inspired by a modern take on the 20’s, this semester’s photo shoot took place at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City. It was definitely one of the top shoots ever done by The Lexington Line. Comments from the audience were rolling in about how well-done it was, and I think anyone who sees this issue would have to agree.

Overall, it was a great evening and a wonderful chance for the College to come together to celebrate a fantastic issue, even if it had to be remotely. If you don’t have a hardcopy, feel free to check out the issue online.

Tessa croppedAbout the Author
Tessa Aldridge is a Freshman at LIM and part of the Fashion Scholars program. In addition to working on The Lexington Line, she is a Coleader of the LIM Blog Club and studying Fashion Media. She is also a Marketing & Communications Intern with the College.

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