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Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 3.00.11 PMOn Saturday, October 17, students interested in attending LIM College had the opportunity to learn more about our school from faculty, alumni, and current LIM students. President Marcuse opened the Zoom Open House by inviting the attendees and early action applicants to interact with the creative, diverse LIM community. She shared the core values of LIM’s academics and how courses and clubs help to prepare students to take on many careers inside and out of the fashion business industry.

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This open house was particularly informative and engaging. There were two panels and discussions between interested students in the chat. Anyone could ask a question in the chat or with the Q&A feature. There also were three trivia questions asked throughout the event by alumni, Jackie Bonsignore. Whichever prospective student answered quickly and correctly won a prize!

The first panel to speak was about academics at LIM: the different majors, minors, and options for experiential learning. Wonderful faculty and staff spoke, like Nina-Fiddian Green (Asst. VP President of Career and Internship Services), Gavin Goldstein (Chair of Marketing, Management, & Finance, Assistant Professor), Hilda Alfonso (Senior Lecturer of Fashion Merchandising), Leonora Loeb (Lecturer of Visual Studies; Materials Lab Coordinator), and Charles Chaskes (Chair of Arts & Sciences). They shared a little bit about their departments and some careers that follow along with each. An important aspect that all of the faculty mentioned was the interconnectedness of the departments. This allows for students to work with multiple different topics and get knowledge of a plethora of careers.  

The second panel was all about the LIM student experience: involvement with clubs and programs, tips for success, and testaments of growth into adulthood and career paths. This panel included two current students, junior Tori Kuffler and myself, as well as two alumni Thomas Giangrande and Ashley Arter [could you include their graduation years?—if you can’t find these, let me know and I’ll try to track them down]. I shared my experience with The Lexington Line magazine and how it gave me a lot of experience for my resume and provided me with a great community of creatives interested in media. The other panelists shared their experiences with the LIM community and their current career paths. A key tip for success mentioned was the importance of involvement, whether it be a club, a work-study position, or an internship. Networking is another tip. It is important to attend LIM events whether there in person or virtually, as you can meet many people even future employers.

All of the panelists did a fantastic job answering questions about what they do at LIM and how LIM can help prepare future students for success. A huge thanks to all who participated in the event. Here is a warm welcome to future students who may join the LIM community next fall!

If you missed this open house you can register for the next one Here.

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Kally Compton is a sophomore at LIM. She is studying Fashion Media and minoring in Society & Culture. In addition to being on the President's List, she works on The Lexington Line, as culture editor and web editor. Kally also works in the Writing Center as a tutor and writes content for the LIM News & Events  page. 

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