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LIM Fashion Insider: Alexis Simmons

posted by Erika Massey


Alexis Simmons is a LIM alumni that graduated in 2016. During her time at LIM, she was the President of BRAG and for her senior Co-op worked at BET Networks in NYC. After graduating, she has worked with a few notable Entertainment and Fashion brands like MTV/VH1, BET Networks, A+E Networks, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet. She has worked in many fields and departments including Fashion Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Events/Experiential Marketing. As of now, she is Manager of Global Product Marketing for Twitter.


"If you are a marketer, you should be able to market anything!"

Her Fashion Insider Knowledge:

Post COVID-19 Job Preparedness

During her segment, Alexis went over many tips of how to get a job or internship during and post pandemic.

1. LinkedIn is your best friend.

There are many features on LinkedIn that allow you to stand out from the crowd. First be sure to create a custom URL, use a clear headshot as a profile picture and powerful summary. Also, highlight your skills by taking skill quizzes and get endorsements from connections to prove that you are proficient in those skills. Use broad skill descriptions like think broad, project management, social media management, and brand strategy Include skills from school, volunteering, internship, and job. Also, link your old bosses on-page. Lastly, enable the open to possibilities button for recruiters. 

2. There are many free resources that you can use such as...

  • Apple has free trials of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X. 

  • Kindle has 2-month free trial. 

  • LinkedIn has free courses through LinkedIn Learning. 

  • Skill share has 2-month free trial.

  • General Assembly is free on Fridays.

    Udacity has Free 30-day trial. 

  • Alison has free classes.

    3. Resume Tips

    • Make sure you proofread your resume multiple times. This includes spell check and grammar check. Also, you can add a pop of color to draw attention to your resume. When sending your resume, only send PDFs to ensure it cannot be changed or altered. 

    • Another important tip is to diversify your word choice. Your resume should have a variety of words, so it is not repetitive. For example, the word help can be changed to assisted, achieved, developed, implemented, executed, produced, coordinated, etc. 

    • When writing your resume, use bullet points to write about what you did, how you did it/what tools you used, who you worked with to accomplish the work, and what the outcome was.

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    About the Author

  • Erika Massey is a rising junior in the Visual Studies program at LIM College. She is a student mentor and works as a student ambassador for the admissions office. She also is one of the co-leaders of the philanthropy club, president of the resident’s hall council, and a member of the global students’ club.


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