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LIM Student’s Reflection on Meeting Constance White

posted by Laurence Mobio

Constance WhiteMy name is Laurence Mobio, and I’m a new transfer student at LIM College. I was accepted to four colleges within the last two years, and I just went out on faith and hope that LIM College would be good for me. I can say that choosing to come to LIM has been the best decision I’ve made. Within a few short months, I have been able to be a part of many opportunities such as being in rooms with distinguished professionals and attending many different events like the Career Fair. I also have met the most accommodating and understanding professors and made long-lasting friendships with peers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the LIM Fall Career Conference, which featured Constance CR White as keynote speaker as well as Ryan Quintero, talent sourcing manager from Richemont; Laurianne Listo, executive vice president from Global Brands Group (also an LIM Alumni); and Jamie Koff, president of Fabric to Finish. These professionals all shared tips to succeed in the “Business of Fashion.”

White is a seasoned journalist, editor and culture and style expert and is known for her many accolades and roles as former editor-in-chief at Essence Magazine, associate editor at Women’s Wear Daily, style reporter for The New York Times, style director, brand consultant, and spokesperson for eBay. She recently published a book titled How to Slay, which revolves around African-American culture impact in the fashion industry, using influential celebrities to explain their involvement like Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Maya Angelou, and Beyonce, just to name a few. White has made her mark in the fashion industry and is not stopping anytime soon.

White began by giving a breakdown of her book How to Slay and explained the impact of the African-American culture pushing boundaries in the fashion industry. She explained how the different styles of eras transcended within fashion from the 1960s during the Black Panther Movement, the Afrocentric era, and many more. White also shared eight simple rules on how to navigate the industry: take initiative, be your advocate, do your research and be resourceful, ask for feedback, take time for yourself, be focused on goals but open to possibilities, strategically build a network and maintain it, and don’t let setbacks stop you. What struck me the most was White’s humble and approachable attitude. 

My overall experience as a first-semester transfer student at LIM’s Career Fair was enlightening. I was able to gain information to take with me on an interview or in life in general. I learned how to exude confidence walking into an employer’s office and how to negotiate salary. After listening to the panel that morning, I was able to incorporate the tips at the Career Fair in the afternoon when multiple employers talked with LIM students. I can definitely see myself attending this event every semester.

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