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LIM2020: Alumni Nicole Pizaro, Photographer for Shishido

posted by Kally Compton

Throughout the summer, the LIM2020 program has been preparing its graduates for their careers and how to apply for jobs. Nicole Pizaro is a LIM alumnus and she spoke at the last meeting on June 17th. She discussed her career journey as a photographer, from her senior co-op to her current senior level career at Shishido.


Nicole has been through ups and downs all throughout her career but has settled into her current career and she loves the atmosphere. A huge downhill experience she discussed was when she was let go from her internship at a popular publication in the middle of her senior co-op. Nicole said she knew it was not a good fit as instead of learning how to book models, she was doing Christmas returns at JCPenney for her director. They said they did not have enough work for her required hours. Nicole was devastated and worried she would not graduate. However, she was able to obtain another internship a week later with ELLE magazine because she had met the hiring manager at her first internship. Nicole mentioned one of her emails to the director that they had previously met. If you have a connection for a job, it’s important to mention you have met the person before and try and jog their memory.

4 months into her internship at Elle, she was offered a job. Right out of college, she had a job which would have never happened if she wasn’t let go from her first co-op internship. After working at Elle, she interviewed different companies like Kenneth Cole and a production company (which she really wanted). Those positions did not work out, but she was able to interview for Teen Vogue and got the job. After two years at Teen Vogue, she was offered a job at Shiseido. Nicole mentioned Teen Vogue was great, but she wanted something new and she loved the atmosphere of Shiseido.

Nicole worked for different companies throughout the start of her career, and she was able to build an extensive portfolio, connections and cultivate her talents. LIM taught her that no job is too small as long as you love what you do. Nicole mentioned she still gets coffee for coworkers, even after working 3 years at Shiseido, but because she loves her work and is challenged everyday the little things are worth it.

As a photographer, she needed various skills that she developed through her degree at LIM and her previous careers. Nicole says she has to be, “organized, patient, quick thinking, and familiar with computers and math.” She also stressed the importance of connections in the industry (photographers, model/hair/makeup agents).

As she went through her ups and downs she learned a lot as a photographer and learned to be resilient. This allowed Nicole to transition to a virtual workspace seamlessly when the pandemic arose. Nicole planned shoots through zoom and locations open to the public like Miami. She was able to hire teams digitally through social media and zoom. Nicole suggested the success of the shoots was due to the hard work of the teams she put together and the versatility of the technology.

Nicole finds it very rewarding to finish a shoot and move on to the next one. However, seeing her work as a finished product when she walks into Sephora’s and Ulta’s is the best reward.

Nicole is incredibly talented and inspiring as she finds joy in what she does and continues to build and grow upon her career skills. LIM graduates can learn from Nicole’s work ethic, her resilience and ability to make connections and use them in her career to get jobs or hire teams for shoots. Nicole was a great speaker and resource for LIM students and graduates to learn how to get into their desired career even in tough times like these.

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Kally Compton is a sophomore at LIM. In addition to being on the President's List, she works on The Lexington Line, as culture editor and assistant stylist. She is studying Fashion Media and minoring in Society & Culture. She is also a content writer for the LIM News & Events page.

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