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Local Food-Find: Levain Bakery

posted by Knar Alashaian

Levain coffee and bagWhen you live in New York City, you realize that everything you could need is within walking distance. You need a last-minute outfit? There’s an Urban Outfitters right down the block. You’re craving soup? Whole Foods is only seven minutes away. You need a new notebook? Go to the CVS right behind your dorm. If its not within walking distance, the subway station is only a few blocks away, allowing you access to all of New York City.

People talk about how dangerous New York can be—but this access to the entire city is what I would consider the “most dangerous” part of living here … specifically, living only a ten-minute walk from Levain Bakery.

Levain Bakery’s new location, at 83rd street and Third Avenue, is conveniently less than fifteen blocks from LIM College’s 1760 residence hall. The bakery started out at 167 West 74th street, selling rustic bread and their famous six-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie. Since then, the bakery has spread to various locations and vastly expanded its menu. All of their products are made fresh daily from natural ingredients. Whatever doesn’t sell on that day is used to help feed the hungry.

Levain dark chocolate peanut butter chipMy personal favorites are the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie and the chocolate chip walnut cookie. The cookie is gigantic enough to have leftovers the next day. When you order your cookie, they take it off a tray that has just come out of the oven and place it into a bag you can call your own.


Levain chocolate chip walnut The first bite you take may burn the inside of your mouth, but after you let it cool, every bite after that is a little bite into heaven.

One bonus about living near this new Levain spot is they’re now selling cookie ice cream sandwiches, only at this location! I have yet to try it, but most likely will soon.

If you are ever craving a sweet treat, be sure to check this place out.

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