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Make Dorm-Life Comfortable and Convenient

posted by Mickayla Beben

Residence Hall ExteriorI lived in the 1760 residence hall for my first two years at LIM College, and I believe it’s the best way to transition into college life. I learned the importance of time management and what it’s like to live in a tight space with another person.

If this will be your first time staying at 1760, or if you’re looking for ideas for when you return, here are my tips for 1760-living.

Put in Some Personal Thought
Consider what you’ll use (and do) in everyday life. Do you drink coffee daily? Will you cook more than once a week? Will you study in your room? Think about your routine as it is now and determine if you want to invest in a Keurig. If you’ll be cooking something more complex than pasta weekly, prioritize kitchen equipment you’ll use most. Feel free to discuss these things with your roommate too! Sharing dishes and a Keurig saves both space and money.

Buy in Bulk
If your family is driving you into the city for move-in day, consider buying necessities in bulk. There is a Costco close to the residence hall that you and your family can visit together. Non-perishables like granola bars, cereals, ramen, pasta, PB&J and canned goods will go a long way. Never underestimate the convenience of making a quick meal out of a can or in the microwave.

utility cartOne Word: Utility
Probably the best thing I brought to college was a three-shelved utility cart. If you plan to cook often, this cart is a lifesaver. These are easy to find at Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Amazon, etc. At 1760, the kitchen is on the lobby floor, and the cart eliminated the hassle of filling my arms with pots, utensils and ingredients whenever I wanted to cook. If you don’t end up cooking as much as planned, the cart can transition into a décor piece, like a bedside table or additional bathroom storage.

Make Your Bed Super-Comfy
John Wildsmith had it right when he said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” I won’t get started on shoes, but so much of your time at college will be spent in your bed sleeping, relaxing, studying or eating. Moving to NYC will have you active as well, which is why I suggest making your bed as comfortable as possible. A 
mattress topper does wonders in adding extra plush. Toppers vary in material (foam, feather, down alternative) and price, so find one that fits your budget and comfort level. Adding multiple pillows also provides much needed support for studying in bed.

ProfileMickayla croppedAbout the Author
Mickayla Beben is a Junior Fashion Scholar in LIM’s Marketing program and a Social Media Marketing Assistant in the Office of Marketing & Communications. As a Social Media Assistant, Mickayla can be found covering campus events capturing live social media coverage.

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