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Midterms: Tips for Time Management

posted by Tiffany D'Angelo


As most LIM students know all too well, this life is hectic. (Especially with midterms coming up!) I've always been someone who takes on too many things at once. Although, somehow I always make it work, it's certainly not easy to juggle my many roles at once.

I'm a full-time student, a part-time Manager at Aeropostale back home, a freelance marketing/merchandising guru for an online start up company, and I write blogs for LIM in between. All of my responsibilities seem to be endless. However, I wouldn't have it any other way.

With all of these responsibilities on my plate, I find solace in keeping up stress-relieving habits. I’m a planner so naturally I take advantage of planners. I sync my school calendar, my work shifts, and events that I need to keep track of in my phone and in my planner so I always have it on hand.

headphones.jpgThen I create my weekly to-do lists based on due dates. Each check marking when I've done something is rewarding and there’s something about seeing that list decrease that is so satisfying.

Another soothing habit I’ve taken up is listening to the "Deep Focus" playlist available on Spotify. Spotify has a ton of playlists to explore that gets you in the zone. If you’re like me and need background noise to focus, I suggest finding one or two that you can put on while writing papers or studying.

Lastly, good time management is essential. Once you get into the groove of your schedule you’ll be able to plan ahead. Any free time I have usually goes to making sure I get my work done for the week and then for the following week. I’ve already started my midterm paper research so that I’m not too overwhelmed when all of my due dates hit at once.

Between my job, internships, and being a student, I rarely have a chance to have thriving social life. In my eyes, it's all worth it though. My hard work has led me to some of the best experiences of my life, like studying abroad in London or earning three promotions within a company before I even graduate. I'll sleep when I'm retired. In the meanwhile, I have too much work to do. Plus at the end of the day, I always get to brag about how good I am at time management now!! 

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