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Moving into the Residence Hall

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by Mikayla Bunker

Mikayla_Room-1After living in the residence hall for the past two years moving into the hall this year seemed like a breeze. I can remember back to August 2013 when I was trying to make sure that I had brought everything that I was going to need for the entire year. I promise you, don’t make the mistake that I did. You won’t need every single piece of clothing in your closet.

It has taken me a while to understand that. but I’m hoping that this year I brought just the right amount of clothing! I personally like to bring my clothing in space bags so it takes up less space in the car or whatever method of transportation that you’re taking.

There are plenty of people that I know who have no intention of ever stepping foot into the kitchen. but I think that if there is even a possibility of you wanting to cook, bring cooking utensils, even if it’s just one little saucepan.

If you know that you’re the type of person that wants to hang things on the walls, like I am with posters and pictures, you need to bring blue painters tape. The painters tape is the only thing that will keep your posters on the walls without damaging the walls (and damaging the walls is never a good thing). I tend to be the person who decorates my room to make it feel more like home and I bring plenty of pictures and memories.

I would say that the one suggestion that I have for anyone is to make sure that you have enough storage because moving into this type of room is a little different than a traditional college dorm room. When thinking about moving into 1760 it's more like moving into a studio apartment, without any living room or dining room furniture.

It really all depends on how you live and what makes you feel most comfortable but make sure you have plenty of these elements in your room because, after all, it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time.


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