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My Internship at Marie Claire Magazine

posted by Madison Roe

MarieClaire_Magazine.jpgWhen I say to my classmates that I'm interning at Marie Claire magazine they usually ask, with a bit of shock and concern in their voices, questions like: "Is it just like 'The Devil Wears Prada'?" "Are you getting paid?" "How late do you have to work?” Etc.

There is almost this myth about interning in the fashion publication industry. My highly enjoyable experience at Marie Claire. I like to say, proves all these myths wrong.

Yes, some of it is the untold truth like not being paid and staying until the lights are off, but those extra hours of unpaid work taught me things I could have never learned anywhere else. The experiences and duties of working at a fashion magazine vary greatly so you get a chance to see almost everything.

I was an intern for Marie Claire’s Senior Fashion editor, Zanna Rassi. She was also a host and fashion stylist for E News, as well as a mentor on Project Runway All Stars.

Assisting her, much like other editors, you juggle their magazine duties and side projects. I reported each morning of the internship to Hearst Tower in Columbus Ccircle. For the magazine’s projects I would do research about the season's trends, celebrities wearing the trends, and stores you could shop for the trends.

Zanna_Roberts.jpgIf Zanna had a photo or video shoot related to the research I would go shopping for the product to bring either to the shoot or the showroom. If the trend involved luxury designers, we would contact their PR team or showroom to see whether they had Zanna or the model’s sizes.

Communicating with high end designers was a great experience that enhanced my professional communication skills. If the showrooms weren’t in New York they were usually in LA, so I learned how to make shipping labels and how to keep products organized.

We used Excel to stay organized, so I became very proficient with that program before even taking the course, Business Spreadsheets, at LIM. The overall experience was very eye opening and insightful to the world of publications, and the fashion industry itself. If you are interested in exploring fashion publications, I highly recommend doing an internship at a fashion magazine, big or small. 

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