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My Internship at Walt Disney World

posted by Paige Benjamin

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse.” –Walt Disney

IMG_2366.jpgI was lucky enough to spend my spring semester as a merchandising intern at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program. Every semester, 30,000 college kids from around the world apply to intern for the Disney corporation, and only 4,000 are accepted.

Just for some background information, you can apply for Walt Disney World or Disney Land, and you can get accepted into a few different categories. These categories include merchandising, food and beverage, custodial, attractions, photography, and so much more. My role of working in merchandise included working across all of the stores in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. This area was a perfect fit for me because Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney park, and Fantasyland is princess themed, which I loved as well.

My program ran from January through May, so it was the right amount of time to get familiar with the Disney company as well as living in Orlando, Florida. Disney provides apartments for all of the College Program kids, as well as a bus service that takes you from the apartments to all of the Disney parks, the mall, and Walmart.

Paige_Castle.pngThe entire program is extremely accommodating, even giving you the option to have certain days off if you are taking classes online. I was still a full time student during my program, where I was working 40+ hours a week. Even though it was rough, I’m glad I am still going to graduate on time and I got the internship experience. I still got to see a good amount of Florida as well. We went to Miami, NASA, brunched around the entire city, and of course, went to the parks almost every day. The entire five months felt like a constant vacation, and I got the chance to meet some of my best friends along the way. If you’ve never thought about applying to the Disney College Program, I’d strongly recommend it!

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