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posted by Analyse Frezzi

analyse_frezzi.jpgCollege is a very important time in your life. Whether you realize it or not, your classes will help you in furthering your career.

During my retail internship, I mostly learned from interacting with the customer. During my job, I observed consumer behavior, and was able to take lessons from my retailing class and see how they are applied in real life situations. Additionally, I had a better understanding of why items did or didn’t sell, and what the customer liked and why.

During my internship at The RUYI Group, I learned the most from discussions with my supervisor. My supervisor and I often spoke about what I did that day, and how those tasks would be used during my career.

I spoke about what I learned in my marketing and visual merchandising classes. I also spoke about my knowledge on consumer behavior, budgeting, and other relevant information I learned during class.

My supervisor then heard what I had to say, and then added to it. He explained how the lessons I learned in class would play out in a real life situation. Throughout my internship at The RUYI Group, my supervisor was always impressed by my knowledge, and my ability to apply what I learned in class to my work.

During my internship at The Adam Showroom, I learned mainly by observing. The Adam Showroom is a sales showroom, and I worked closely with buyers. I was able to apply what I learned in my buying and merchandising math class, as many of buyers spoke about their budgets and the pricing of the garments. I also had a better understanding of why buyers chose certain pieces and how they were able to buy for their target customer.

Additionally, my professors are a huge help. They all have tons of experience in the industry and tons of connections. They’re knowledgeable in what they’re teaching and many of them are willing to talk to you outside of class to discuss anything else you’re curious about. The professors love to see us learn and watch our careers grow.

 I’m really happy at LIM College. I’m getting a great education and I know everything I learn in class will help me build my career.

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Internships at LIM College

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