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My Journey To LIM College as a Transfer Student

posted by Aaliyah Lockhart


I was not the greatest student in high school. I never really took school seriously. I did what I had to do to get by so I could graduate. This did not help me when starting college because I was not prepared for what was to come.

After graduating high school, my main focus was getting into Philadelphia University for their fashion program. They were my main hope for going to college because not only were they my first choice, I did not look or apply to any other colleges. This was not the smartest idea being that I was denied twice due to how low my SAT scores were. Instead of this motivating me, I lost all hope.

So, after all that, and even though I was not so excited about it, I ended up going to community college with the thought that if I actually maintained good grades, that would be a big step in helping me transfer to college in Philadelphia.

Well, while I was in community college I was working two jobs and going to college full time. Right away my schedule was loaded and although it was manageable, I thought that I could do exactly what I did in high school, which was just get by with last-minute work. Quickly I learned that was the wrong attitude to have when I received a letter stating if I did not bring up my GPA I would be on academic probation. Instantly I knew what I had to do. GET SERIOUS.

Meanwhile, a teacher from high school whom I still keep in touch with knew I was having a difficult time in deciding where I was going to transfer. I knew deep down my dream was always to be in New York City, but I never thought that would become a reality. So, she told me that she was taking her class to visit LIM and said she had held a spot for me to join them.

When we arrived at LIMl I instantly fell in love and knew that LIM was the right school for me, but I still was struggling to get my GPA to where it needed to be to transfer. After the visit I was determined, motivated and knew I needed to get into this school.

So, I got serious with time management and good study habits. Well, in about two semesters I brought my GPA from about a 1.5 to a 2.7 and after applying, I received a letter stating that I was accepted into LIM College and well, I cried.

All of my hard work had paid off and what seemed like a dream was now a reality and I was ready to embark on my new journey!

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