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My Life at 1760

posted by Breanna Fleming

Residence_Hall1by Breanna Fleming

As a freshman from Chicago, Illinois, moving to New York was something completely new and exciting to me. However, along with those exhilarating feelings, I was very nervous to be away from my parents and to be in a big city alone. I mean, who wouldn’t be?  I knew absolutely no one at LIM or in New York City before deciding to move into the 1760 Residence Hall. I just knew that LIM was the place I needed to be to achieve my dreams.

When August rolled around I said goodbye to my parents without crying and finally met the very first college roommates I would ever have. My first day at the Residence Hall I already started exploring the area with my floor mates and was ready for any adventure I could find.

When I first arrived at the Residence Hall I was welcomed by several mentors and Resident Advisors who were around my age, which was pretty cool. All of these people were there to help me transition into my college life by telling me the ins and outs of NYC, and introducing me to new people. 

My very first RA was so easy to talk to and helpful during my first two years here. Her assistance and support helped me decide to become an RA and mentor. She was always knocking on my door to get me to come to the programs she was hosting in the hall, which basically were going on all week. 

There are a lot of different events that take place at the Residence Hall from Orientation Week all the way to the end of the school year. All of the RA’s offer a wide variety of things to do from something creative like designing your own coffee mug to an event as exciting as a glow in the dark party with lots of food and great music. Being exposed to different activities like these made meeting a lot of friends easier than I thought it would be.


Another cool thing about living in 1760 is the fact that it’s not only a building for LIM students. There are other students from schools like Baruch, Marymount, and Hunter College, to name a few, that also live there. The kitchen on the lobby level is usually the best place to see people from other schools because, who doesn’t love food, right?

This communal kitchen is where many of the LIM residents can just meet up and talk to other students from different schools.  This way you can also explore the city with people with different interests than just fashion. It’s always nice to find a diverse group of friends to help make your college experience worthwhile.

Now as a senior at LIM looking back on my experiences living at the Residence Hall, I’ve learned so much about myself and the people around me. The group of friends that I’ve met and my roommates from freshman year soon became some of the best friends I could ever ask for. 

Deciding to leave my family miles away was actually a hard decision, but I couldn’t be happier. With the help of the extremely understanding and down-to-earth RAs, as well as support from my new friends, 1760 easily became a home for me. My new friends, and once I became an RA, the RA staff members, transformed into my mini family away from my real family.

That’s what living in 1760 is all about: Embracing new changes and adapting those changes to your own lifestyle. As soon as you start to feel comfortable with living in a new place and talking to new people, you’ll realize that this may actually become your home away from home.

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