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My "Luck" at Lucky Strike Bowling

posted by Joanderca Bryan

Bowling is not my strong suit. For some reason, I have difficulty connecting the ball to the pins, but I guess that’s fine. Perhaps I struggle because before last Wednesday’s “Weeks of Welcome” bowling event, I hadn’t bowled in a few years. This event was put on by the by LIM’s Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) club.

I was excited to get back in the “roll” of things to get good numbers on the scoreboard. One of the first things I noticed about Lucky Strike bowling alley was how vibrant and electric it was! I loved the comfy chairs, the tasty food, the music and the fancy coat racks at our section.


Funny story… we were so “lucky” at Lucky Strike that we received endless food orders. During our visit, the kitchen mistakenly placed extra food on our table on two separate occasions. Fortunately for us, we were able to enjoy it at no additional cost! We had pizza, chicken sliders, pulled pork sliders, dumplings, shrimp/steak kababs, and to top it off we got cookies. Other than the food, it was nice to be there with my friends and meet other people.

I recommend that everyone at least go to one Student Life event. You’ll make friends, enjoy good food, and have fun. Special shout-out to SYE on a great event!

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