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My Senior Co-Op Internship at Paul Stuart

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by Victoria Stankus

Hello everyone! I am a last semester Fashion Merchandising major interning at Paul Stuart for my Senior Co-Op. Having started interning in the summer of 2014 in women’s wear, I told myself that by my last semester I wanted to have experienced all three areas of the fashion industry: women’s, children’s and men’s.

This goal was set so by the time I graduated I would have options and could not be told that I lacked experience. Well, I am proud to say that, walking into Paul Stuart on my first day, I reached my first professional goal.

I had originally interviewed for the women’s wear internship being offered. However, a few days later I was told that the position was filled but an opening existed in the men’s buying department. I jumped on the opportunity to interview because what better place to gain experience in men’s wear other than Paul Stuart?!

After the interview, I was on edge. I was so nervous since this internship would set the building blocks for my future career in the fashion industry.

The day I was expecting the call, my phone was attached to me. The one minute I had walked away, they called and left a voicemail. My heart dropped as I called back. Then hearing the familiar voice from Human Resources telling me that I had received an offer to intern in the men’s buying department for the fall, I was absolutely ecstatic.  

After being here for a little over a month, I have helped the Chief Merchandising Officer with projects and monthly reports and have even taken over the assistant buyer position while they looked for a replacement. During this time I shadowed the associate buyer in neckwear and shirts, learning how to use their computer systems, write purchase orders, create styles, and finalize transfers.

It is refreshing to know that I have been able to utilize my education thus far at LIM in the real world. I help out anywhere I can, from assisting other buyers to the receiving department. Eventually I want to make my way out onto the floor in order to understand how the retail part of this company is managed. Not to mention, I have met some amazing people with wonderful backgrounds who I can learn from and use to grow as I continue.

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