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My Transfer Story

posted by Krystal Baptiste

Transfer student Krystal Baptiste shares her story about the transfer process and why she chose to transfer to LIM College. Below is her story written in the form of a congratulations letter to herself. Enjoy!

Dear Krystal,

You did it! You graduated from Kingsborough Community College with an associate degree in Retail Merchandising. You completed one of your short-term goals. Now, it is time to keep going. Move forward with your ambitions to break out into the beauty and fashion industry as a blogger. This is your dream. Now you have the power to make it a reality.

Your family always wanted you to go to medical school and become a doctor or nurse like your brother, your aunts, your grandmother, and your cousins. Why? Because these are financially secure occupations. But, that is not what you want. That is not your ambition in life. There’s nothing wrong with being a nurse or a doctor, however, this is not what you want Krystal. You are destined for something greater.

Professor Mastrianni and Professor Scerbinski encouraged you to attend LIM College. This college is the best place for you, plus, you will gain hands-on business experience in the fashion industry. I know you are afraid of tuition costs and fees, finding a job near school, and finding time to keep up with your blog. It is a natural fear when it comes to new opportunities. You are not the richest person on the block, but you make do with the things you have.

112014Now look at you; a transfer student at LIM College, working towards a bachelor degree in Management with a concentration in Fashion Publishing. You made the leap! You took the risk! You couldn’t be happier. You are working as a student assistant in the Student Affairs Department, a student blogger in the Marketing Department, and a writing tutor at the Writer’s Center.

You are making great progress in your classes, making new friends, making connections with your professors, and working hard towards your life-long goal, becoming a writer in the beauty and fashion industry.

Professor Mastrianni and Professor Scerbinski were right. LIM College was the best choice for you. You are truly learning how to achieve your goals, while gaining business experience in the fashion industry. You should be very proud of yourself. You are going to be a great writer after you graduate from LIM. Continue on your path to greatness. You deserve it. You deserve to be here at LIM.


Future successful Seventeen magazine writer


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