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Nail Your Internship with My Top Five Tips

posted by Paige Benjamin

           I’ve spent two semesters interning with Epic Records, one semester in the New York City office and the second semester at the Los Angeles office. Spending so much time at Epic Records has allowed me to really dive into the company culture and figure out how to get as much out of my internship as possible! I’ve learned a lot this summer and through my experience I have five tips to share with anyone starting a new internship.


  1. 5. Find a Mentor

            When you start an internship with a new company, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. You might feel like your questions are dumb and you may not want to ask your supervisor. Find someone else within the company, maybe even in a different department, that you can go to for advice on projects you’re working on, or just company advice in general. Not only does this put you one step toward making friends in the office, but you’ll have another perspective from someone with more experience to help you out when you have to make creative decisions.

  1. 4. Build Your Brand

            It’s hard to be remembered as an intern when companies rehire college students every four to five months. Do an amazing job as an intern, go above and beyond, but also make an effort to become friends with other interns and people that work in the office. If you’re personable as well as a good worker, your employers will remember you long after you’re gone.

  1. 3. Make Mistakes

            The purpose of an internship is to learn. When your supervisor gives you a task, don’t stress out thinking that you have to nail it on the very first try. Your supervisor knows that part of their job is to teach you. They want you to give each assignment your best effort, and they expect you to ask for direction when you are unclear. Once a task is complete, ask your supervisor to go over the project with you so they can give you suggestions on how to improve.

  1. 2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

            Following my last point, if you’re confused about an assignment don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Asking questions shows your supervisor that you’re willing to learn and that you care about doing a good job. If you’re confused about a task and don’t ask for clarification, you could waste hours of your time doing something incorrectly as well as hours of your supervisor’s time when they have to go back and fix your mistakes.

  1. 1. NETWORK/Stay Connected

            Creating relationships at your internship won’t do you any good unless you make an effort to maintain them after your internship has ended. Every once in a while, reach out through email to reconnect with supervisors and co-workers that you networked with during your semester. This will set you apart from your fellow interns and remind them how hardworking you were. You might even be the first to pop in their mind when they’re thinking of candidates for a job opening. If it feels natural and appropriate, you might even follow them on social media for a more relaxed and constant form of communication.

 Have a great fall semester everyone!

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