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Negotiating salary: Get what you're worth!

posted by Taryn Garshofsky


Are you concerned about your salary? The way to successfully negotiate your salary is based on two factors: research and presentation.

The first thing you should do is research your value. Make sure you have evidence to back up the number your research produces – namely, your education and skill set. The second thing you should do is be confident and fair in what you claim your value to be. You never want to suggest a higher salary than your true value. Finally, never use terms like “I want” or act too superior. Explain that you believe you are worth a certain amount because of past job experience and your personal skills. In other words, base your negotiations on factual information and research.

And, on the same subject, be sure to check out this interactive tool from NACE (the National Association of Colleges and Employers) which allows you to input personal information (including educational background, years of experience in the field, and the position to which you are applying) to find out what the average salary for someone with your experience is. By knowing this information before you are faced with a job offer, you will be prepared to negotiate a salary that is fair. Be informed and be confident in your worth!


By Taryn Garshofsky, Career Advisor

Topics: fashion careers, Career Services