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New Yorker Residence Hall Essentials

posted by Carol Rodriguez

Going into my freshman year, I was incredibly excited to move to New York City. I remember packing and buying a million things I thought I'd need to make the most of my experience. For those who plan to live in LIM's housing option, the New Yorker, here are the things I truly used and recommend everyone bring with them:

1. Mattress topper

The residence provides you with a twin size mattress. Even though I would say they were fairly comfortable, I suggest you bring a mattress topper to add more cushion. It’s nice to have a layer between the mattress and your bed sheets.

2. Microwave plate/bowl cover

Although the residence provides you with a full-size communal kitchen, they do not provide a microwave cover. This will make it easier to clean up the microwave when needed, and it might even save you from making a mess. I highly recommended bringing one.

3. Door hooks

College student residences are not known for being the most spacious, so make sure to maximize your space! Over-the-door hooks are a great way to do that. I hung my backpack, robe, and several coats, which gave me more space in my closet. There are two doors, one for the room and one for the bathroom, I suggest bringing two of the door hooks.

4. Full-size mirror

Fashion students need full-size mirrors more than anyone else! The bathroom mirror only goes down to your waist, so make sure to bring a full size mirror you can hang over your closet door.

5. Over-the-toilet rack

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to maximize your space. Over-the toilet racks will provide you with more storage for bathroom products.

6. Trash cans

I suggest you bring two trash cans. One to put under your desk, and the other one to put in the bathroom.

7. Utility Cart

Not only do these provide more storage, but this cart is amazing for communal kitchens. It was so easy to load everything on the cart and roll it to the kitchen.

Best of luck for everyone moving into the New Yorker!

carol r (crop)About the Author
Carol Rodriguez enters her sophomore year at LIM College this fall. In addition to serving as a Coleader of the LIM Blog Club and being a member of the College's Cosmetics Club, she is also part of the College's Fashion Scholars program.

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