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Not Your Basic Coffee Order

posted by Kianna Plummer

Kianna Starbucks 1Are you looking for a boujie coffee? Are you tired of waiting in line for your typical Starbucks order? If you answered yes, I highly recommend going to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. You don’t order usual Starbucks menu drinks there. The Starbucks Reserve offers a very wide variety of coffees, lattes, cold brews, macchiatos, and even coffee cocktails. It is definitely not your average Starbucks—there are 350 of those in New York City, but only one Starbucks Reserve.

When you walk into the Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea, you’re instantly welcomed by the smell of coffee beans. There is a counter in the middle of the store where you can order drinks, and off to the left downstairs is a less crowded coffee counter. There is a bakery on the right side of the main floor where you can order pizzas, breads, and fresh baked pastries. If you’re “of age,” upstairs is a coffee bar that sells coffee cocktails like Caffé Crusta, Six Roads Daiquiri, and Brandy Corretto. Look at the Starbucks Reserve website for more of the menu!

Kianna Starbucks 2The Starbucks Reserve is definitely crowded on weekends but during the weekdays, it’s not so bad! I went on Columbus Day, around 1 p.m., and it was moderately busy. When you walk towards the back of the store, make sure to look at the ceiling to see all the coffee beans being transported in clear tubes! The drink I ordered was cold brew with ice cream in it called a Cold Brew Float (see photo above!). For someone who doesn't drink coffee often but does enjoy it and wants something a little fun, this is the drink for you.

The interior of the reserve is very photo-ready, and pictures of it will have people asking where this place is. The brown interior gives a great color scheme for fall-inspired photos.

Taking the subway there from the 1760 Residence Hall only takes about 30 minutes; grab a friend and hop on the downtown 6 train. Transfer at 14th Street–Union Square station to the L train and get off the L at 8th Ave. Starbucks Reserve Roastery is right on 9th Ave and 15th!

Kianna headshot croppedAbout the Author
Kianna Plummer is a freshman pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration at LIM College. In addition to being a member of the LIM Blog Club, she is also part of the College’s Fashion Scholars program.

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