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3 Reasons to Attend LIM's Fashion: Now & Then Conference

posted by Lou Acierno, Director of Library Services

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That's right! Our seventh(!)-annual Now & Then Conference is coming up—right here on campus—on Oct. 19. Why should you make a point to be here? Because ...

1. Fashion (and the business that supports it!) lives all around us. And while we’re definitely not facing a shortage of fashion to draw from for ideas and inspiration, fashion can take on new life and deeper meaning when given more context. You'll get that context at Now & Then.

2. You'll learn about the past, present, and future uses of fashion information and sustainability. (Context!)

3. You’ll meet people from the fashion industry as well as from libraries, archives, other schools and universities, publishers, collectors, and museums. (Context and networking!)

Here's just some of what's on the schedule for 2017!

-- A tour of Material ConneXion, the fabric and textile consultant firm. 

-- A presentation on “Earth Matters,” an exhibit bringing together designers and artists that are investigating new ways of producing ideas by Chloe Sos of Trend Union

-- A keynote by Designer Mara Hoffman

-- Ron Knoth Speaker Robert Bergmann, “Responsibility in Fashion”

-- And LIM College student presentations (“Dress and Social Change,” Madison Ross; “Green Is the New Black,” Thomas J Goonan; “Sustainability and the Future of Fashion,” various students from LIM College’s Sustainability and the Future of Fashion class.)

-- An interactive workshop with Jessica Schreiber of FABSCRAP 

-- “SolarTextiles: Harvesting the sun’s energy to make textiles and clean the environment, all at once,” by Miguel Modestino, NYU Professor and H&M Global Change Award for Research into Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing

Great, right? You're going to love it. Come see for yourself.

Want to look at the full schedule and register for the event? Click below! 


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