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by Ruby Munoz

This article is for domestic students as well as international students and lists the different on campus jobs available at LIM College.

computer_camera.jpgInternational students have some restrictions during their first year living in the United States. As most of us know, International Students cannot work and get paid while being in the U.S. with a student F-1 visa.

International Students are allowed to have an internship and get paid after they have being living in the U.S. for at least one year, but it is necessary to be enrolled in an internship class. Many students would like to get a job in their first year in the U.S., but we are not allowed to get paid.

Well, guess what? There is one thing we are allowed to do. We can get a job on campus.

LIM College offers international students, as well as domestic students, the opportunity to work at several of their offices on campus. It is a great opportunity to gain work experience, plus you get to work in the same environment where you study, so its more comfortable.

Even though it is on campus work, it is actually an official job. You get paid and get the experience you need. What better place to start working than on campus? 

There are so many different types of jobs at LIM. Since I've come here I've have had three different jobs on campus. I have been a math tutor, worked as an assistant for the Institutional Research Office, and was a blogger for the international students webpage.

To know about the different available positions you can log into your Symplicity account and look for on campus jobs. Another way is to just go to the different offices and ask for available positions. Just get out of your comfort zone and ask around.

There are so many different opportunities at LIM. Other positions include being a tutor at the writing center, a mentor, an RA at the dorms, a photographer for the magazine at LIM, and so many more. If you decide to be a mentor, orientation leader, or RA, there is a process to apply, but you get to have a lot of fun and get to meet a lot of people.

These are just some examples of the jobs you can get at LIM, but I am sure I missed a lot of them. Take advantage of the work experience you can get here, and since they are part time jobs, you’ll still have time to study, do homework, and have free time to spend with your friends.

So, if you're thinking about work for next semester, check it out!

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