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Orientation Then And Now

posted by Erika Massey

The world has changed so much in the past few months. I assumed orientation would be very different than when I was an orientation leader last year. I really enjoyed it, because I was able help people and provide them information that they would need or just wanted to know. My job hasn’t really changed. I still have a small group that I lead and have the same job description. I know that planning orientation takes a large amount of planning and in my opinion, considering the circumstances, the orientation is do very well.

Last year we had four orientation sessions that the incoming students could register for, and we would present to them in small groups. Now, we hold large zoom meetings with everyone. The format is similar. There is a panel and time to ask questions, and there is a keynote speaker during the orientation. Last year, the speaker would usually be at the end, and people really couldn’t ask questions.

The zoom meeting allowed people to ask questions, and I think because the questions were sent in a chat box; more people were willing to participate. The team also did a very good job intertwining the agenda for the day. It stayed right on schedule which is hard to do in person. Though the orientation was great, it did miss the target of building connection due to no one really meeting anyone in person. Also, the new format does not have a portion where we are just helping students make their schedule.. Luckily, they can make an appointment with their academic advisor to do so. Overall, there are pros and cons of both types of orientations, but they both are preparing new students the best they can.

I know that my group had plenty of questions about orientation and how the school will be running in the Fall. Here are a few questions and answers.

How will classes run in the fall?

All classes will be hybrid or online. Online means that you will do all your work on your own time and will not meet with your class at all. While hybrids mean that there is one day you meet with your class and then there will be work to be done on your own such as a discussion board. There are two options for the hybrid. The first is hybrid in-person, in which you would be meeting with your class in one of the three LIM buildings once a week.

The second is hybrid virtual, which means that you will meet with your class once a week through a zoom meeting. The hybrid virtual allows you to take classes remotely. If you want to be in NYC and taking classes, then feel free to take a mix of virtual and in person. I personally have a mix.

What if I cannot attend an orientation session?

No worries. All the orientation sessions will be recorded and shared with everyone. If you have questions afterwards, email your orientation leader or feel free to reach out to me at

What if I haven’t decided on a major?

LIM does not require students to declare a major till their second semester, and if you decide the one you picked is not for you, don’t be afraid to change your mind.

What clubs are at LIM?

Check out the page below for a list of all the clubs at LIM and LIM is always open to new clubs. To start a club contact the head of student life MT Teloki at

List of clubs:


About the Author

Erika Massey is a rising junior in the Visual Studies program at LIM College. She is a student mentor and works as a student ambassador for the admissions office. She also is one of the co-leaders of the philanthropy club, president of the resident’s hall council, and a member of the global students’ club.

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