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Programs For the Entire LIM Community at the 1760 Residence Hall

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by Diamante' Logan

Resident Advisor (RA) Diamante' here! I am sure you all know about the countless clubs meetings and activities during the lunch hour on the LIM College campus. You know, BRAG meetings, Fashion Show Production Club, Student Leadership, SLAB, learning about eating healthy, learning about different cultures, and so much more!

But what about the 1760 Residence Hall? At the Residence Hall, there are so many evening programs where the ENTIRE LIM community is invited.

The LIM Resident Advisors, the Residence Hall Council (RHC), and the LIM Faculty collectively plan a numerous amount of programs that include: budgeting, meditating, networking, zumba, cooking, holidays, safety, and diversity programs.

As an RA, we create these variety of programs by putting them in the following categories: Diversity, Life Skills, Creative, Health & Wellness, Floor Socials, Large Community Programs, and All Hall Programs. Breaking the programs up into these categories allow the RAs to come up with out-of-the box ideas and create a diversified amount of programs that can apply to everyone within the LIM family.

Doing this allows the LIM College community to network and get to know each other outside of the classroom. Before I was an RA, I went to the programs at the Residence Hall in order to meet new people and put myself out there.

I attended programs that caught my eye, from very in-depth discussion about today's issues to just watching a movie and eating ice cream. Going to and being involved in LIM College's programs, not just on campus, but also at 1760 is definitely beneficiary.

Please attend! You are definitely invited! Remember, WE are LIM!

Any questions? Please go to the Office of Housing and Residence Life Located in 1760 Residence Hall or email us:!

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