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Recap: Fashion Week 2016

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by Amira Clement

FashionShowModel.jpgNow that fashion week, or should I say fashion month has come to an end, I thought I would recap my experience this time around and the differences from working past fashion shows as an intern. First off, I have to say that this year has been my luckiest. I was offered my dream job as a publicist, while still being a student at LIM College.

This Fashion Week was very diferent. Being a publicist you are basically in charge of everything! I had to handle invitations, RSVP's, the seating chart, press check-in, backstage check-ins, and pre/post show interviews. It is A LOT of work but with the help of a few people I have interned with in the past, the shows ran smoothly.

Everyone thinks of Fashion Week as the most glamorous week of the year (and it most certainly is!) Blood, sweat, and sometimes are a huge part too. However, if you love what you do like myself, then it’s basically a fashionable walk in the park.

I am looking forward to upcoming shows this September and I hope to see all of you fashionistas there. 

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