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Refibra: Garbage Into Apparel

posted by Somara Son

lenzing.jpgWe often think of donating our over-loved garments to Goodwill to decrease the harmful effects of unsustainable garments on the planet. What if I told you that there was a company that is one step ahead of this? Lenzing is the creator of the Refibra technology that grinds cotton waste to a pulp, which is then manufactured into sustainable fabrics. Lenzing turns cotton waste into new textiles called Refibra and Tencel textiles.

With the creation of the Refibra technology, Lenzing has been able to divert the loop of cotton textiles ending in landfills. Over 80% of garments end up in landfills. Not only is the discarding of textiles difficult to control, but the constant production of new textiles is also extremely harmful to our planet. Refibra textiles and Tencel has the innovation to prevent pollution and the exploitation of precious natural resources.

tencel-194162-edited.jpgI may have you thinking about how Lenzing is able to make all of this happen. You may be wondering if there's green washing involved. I have good news, Lenzing incorporates ethical practices into how they recycled and repurpose cotton waste into Tencel fabric. The process begins with grinding cotton waste into a pulp and combined with wood pulp from a sustainable forest. From there the pulps are combined with a recycled solvent. This mixture is formed into staple fibers and then into fabrics. Lastly, the Refibra and Tencel is used in beautiful new sustainable garments.

What I found to be the most amazing about this innovation is that it only uses water, pulps and recycled solvent. It's really easy to understand the positive impact that this can have on the apparel industry. In fact, it is commonly used in today's apparel production industry. As I browsed the Lenzing booth at Texworld USA, I spotted an active top that was made of Refibra Tencel and sold by Target! I love that sustainable fashion is now becoming more accessible.


Lenzing is able to close the loop of cotton textiles being tossed into our landfills using Refibra and Tencel technologies together.

So are you going to see if you can pick up a new piece made of this innovative new fabric?

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