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Senior Year… But it Feels Like I Just Got Here

posted by Danielle Infantino


I think the moment it actually hit me that I was a Senior was sitting in the SVA building (in Senior Co-Op Prep) and they announced that we were the graduating class of 2017.  I looked around the room and noticed the other students I had classes with from freshman year until now. The ones who survived public speaking with me, those who I traveled across the world with, and those who I’ve had group projects with, and so forth.

It’s weird to think that the last three years have gone by so quickly, and graduation will be here in a blink of an eye. Every day I kind of take a second reflectopm on what I had done over the past couple of years and how that is going to impact my career.

Although I am not quite done yet, there were always the things I wish did and things I wish I didn’t at my time at LIM. To start I think the most important thing is, getting involved.

I was not involved with the school when I was a freshman, and that is something that I regret. My first year here I was trying to juggle being a bit homesick, taking an overload of courses, and working to keep myself busy. I never made time to be involved on campus and I wish that I had.

When sophomore year came, I vowed to get more involved and I saw one of the biggest changes in myself. I was working on campus, attending events, and finally getting to meet more of the faculty that works really hard to make sure we have a great experience here.

Being involved not only helped me find myself and what I really enjoyed, it helped me do one of the most important things we learn at LIM, which is network.

It made me learn that the faculty and staff at LIM want to help you, they want to see you succeed. You just have to be willing to ask.

Another thing is being open minded. I think one of things that I’ve learned is just because you’re in New York City- not everybody is out to get you. Living in the city can be tough, but you need to be able to understand the different cultures the city has to offer.

At the end of all of this, my one golden rule is, enjoy it and make the most of every moment at LIM!

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