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Six Jobs You Can Get with a Degree in Fashion Media

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LIM_HEROimage1Small_4At LIM College, our Fashion Media major focuses on creating content that engages audiences. It includes everything from writing and editing to production, art direction, and photography across print and digital platforms. If you’re up for the challenge of bridging creativity with strategy to create compelling fashion-related stories, Fashion Media may be the right program for you.

But what can you do with a Fashion Media degree after you graduate?

Following are six potential starting job titles and descriptions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it can give you an idea of some of the possibilities:

Editorial Assistant: Provide assistance during each step of the publishing process, such as coordinating communications and keeping track of projects.

Fashion Journalist/Reporter: Gather, assess, create, and present fashion-related news and information for a media organization.

Multimedia Content Specialist: Create visual materials to accompany stories—including photos, videos, and infographics.

Proofreader/Copy Editor: Review and edit all content before publication to ensure an error-free presentation, coordinate with other departments to clarify written content.

Public Relations Coordinator: Craft messages to create awareness of—and favorable sentiment for—a company, help manage the relationship between the organization and members of the media and general public.

Social Media Coordinator: Create content and develop strategy for all social media platforms, ensuring that it’s consistent with organizations’ branding guidelines and marketing objectives.

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