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The Sustainability Club Celebrates Earth Day

posted by Gabriella Sutherland

Gabriella - Earth Day 3 croppedThe LIM College Sustainability Club celebrated Earth Day with our first official event. On April 22, we sold 100% organic cotton makeup bags at Maxwell Hall—we also held a vegan bake-sale.

Preparing for the event was really fun. The club members came together as a team and painted cute “sustainability” designs on the cotton bags to make them look fashion-friendly while also representing our club's core message: “Think sustainability.” Designs included the LIM logo and natural images such as the Earth, waves, bees, and trees.

Gabriella - Earth Day 2Gabriella - Earth Day 5 
During the event, the club engaged with students and faculty, sparking conversation about why it is important to care about the planet and ways in which everyone can practice being sustainable.

Gabriella - Earth Day 4

Profits from the sales will help to fund future LIM Sustainability Club projects.

Gabriella LinkedIn cropAbout the Author
Gabriella Sutherland is an LIM College transfer student pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in International Business. She is also founder and president of LIM's Sustainability Club.

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