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Ten Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Were Related to Fashion

posted by Adeline Affonso, Director of Admissions


The business of fashion is powered by thinkers, creators, and experts of all types. There’s an army of people working behind the scenes for every fashion show you've ever seen, every photo shoot and advertisement. No matter what you're passionate about, if you want to work in the fashion industry, there’s a job out there for you.

Here are 10 fashion industry jobs that might surprise you.

Fashion Marketer. How do customers discover brands? What convinces them to stay loyal to them? It’s all about the marketing. Fashion marketers are both creative and analytical, and they’re responsible for bringing you some of the most iconic images in fashion past and present.

Brand Accountant. If crunching numbers is more your style, you’re in luck, as you’ll be a huge asset to a fashion brand. Whether a brand is large or small, they all need someone who can handle financial reporting, profit and loss tracking, taxes—the list goes on.

Buyer for Department Stores. A huge perk of this job? Lots of travel. Buyers for department stores select the clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and other items that will be sold on the store floor. They also work closely with people, like designers and sales representatives.

Intellectual Property Lawyer. Intellectual property lawyers are integral in acquiring patents and trademarks on designs and inventions. They’re experts in the specific ways that intellectual property laws apply to fashion designs and goods, and brands need them on their side.

Fashion Writer. Writers for websites like Women’s Wear Daily and magazines like Vogue are steeped in the fashion industry. Even publications that aren’t exclusively fashion-focused often have writers dedicated to covering fashion beats—events, profiles, trends, and beyond.

Event Planner. A well-organized fashion show may seem to run itself, but that’s simply the mark of a top-notch event planner. These professionals also often plan expo or trade show events, or even galas or fundraising balls. If there’s a (good) party happening, it’s probably thanks to them.

Fashion Publicist. In every industry, connections matter. Fashion publicists rely on cultivated relationships with fashion editors, models, and celebrities to promote and elevate brands. It’s a great job for someone who loves working with people—and during Fashion Week, it’s non-stop!

Garment Technologist. Love working with textiles and fabrics? Garment technology may be for you. These experts work to design and develop materials that meet the needs of designers and brands. They’re key, creative players in creation, sizing, and production of clothing.

Visual Stylist. In the fashion industry, visual presentation is everything—and fashion stylists are the queens and kings of it. They create window displays for stores and museums, do prop and location styling on the sets of photo shoots, and make conceptual ideas come alive in a room.

Market Researcher. Market researchers know what will be on trend before anyone else does. By analyzing data from buyers across time and demographics, researchers provide key insights about what consumers want, and what they’ll want next.

At LIM, you’ll learn how vast the fashion business really is. Opportunity lies everywhere—reach out and grab it.


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