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Ten Tips for Fall in New York City

posted by Peter Villafane

It seems like everyone in NYC has been waiting for fall, and it's finally here! So, here are some tips to get you through leaf-peeping, pumpkin spice latte, and pumpkin-everything season.

  1. Central_Park_Fall.jpg
  1. Go out on Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Check out the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Anyone in a costume can join the parade and if you just want to watch, head out early to get a good spot.

Even if you don’t have any specific plans, just go outside. New Yorkers always put together creative, interesting costumes. If you want to get a late dinner, I recommend Cafeteria! Every employee dresses up. And, it's not far from the parade.

  1. Check the weather daily.

Sometimes checking once a week isn’t enough, especially during the fall. The weather ranges from the temperature of a pumpkin spice latte to that of skeleton bone, which is cold!

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

This goes for every season, but solicitors and scammers know that millions of new students come into the city every fall! Look up whenever you’re walking, and pay close attention to subway and street signs. 

  1. Stand close to the curb if you need to stop walking.

If you need to stop on the sidewalk make sure to step to the side and allow people behind you to keep walking. New Yorkers are relentless. 

  1. Subway_Platform.jpgSit in a subway seat if you’re feeling cold.

Some subway cars have heaters right under the seats that provide direct heat when the weather gets rainy and cold! 

  1. Move down the subway platform.

Walking towards either end of the platform will lead you to cars that are less empty and give you a better chance of getting a seat. 

  1. Try to change your commute as often as you can.

For safety reasons, avoid falling into a predictable routine. Switch between local and express, bus and subway, or walking and commuting when possible.

Umbrellas_NYC.jpgThese last three tips are all about umbrellas.

  1. Buy a sturdy rain umbrella.

Any cheap umbrella will be broken by the NYC wind. Bell-shaped umbrellas are the best. 

  1. Keep your umbrella on the floor when in the subway.

Leaving your wet umbrella anywhere else disrupts other passengers and may prevent others from sitting down. 

  1. Don’t let your umbrella block your vision.

If you can’t see someone’s face, they can’t see yours! And, at all times, prevent yourself from stabbing anyone in the eye.

Have a great fall semester!

NYC is fabulous in the fall, but it's also great in every season, so we've scheduled open houses throughout the year. Go to our Open House page to find out when's the next one.

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